Rules and Regulations for Teachers

Smile while you teach: ErliABC is always on the search for ESL teachers that can convey happiness and joy as part of the learning process!
Assess your student’s level of knowledge: ErliABC loves candidates who are sensitive to the current learning levels of their students so ask questions to get a feel for their abilities.
Speak slowly
Shower your kids with praise
Make faces and be funny: ErliABC is big into teachers who have fun – the more lively you are the better the result will be!
Give some consideration to your background and classroom materials. A plain, white background; while it is not distracting, is a little boring. Try to create a fun space for your students! That said - be creative! Also, having some finger puppets and a few flashcards is great, especially for the younger students!
If you miss the class, you will be deducted 50% of the rate!

If you are late more than 3 minutes you will be deducted 20% of the rate!

If you want to apply for leave kindly send email at