Nothing is more important to us than our customers' privacy. To give users a better online experience while browsing our website, we offer carefully thought out security features contained in our Privacy Policy. This policy explains our data processes and a customer's personal choices and the way we gather data and use a customer's personal information.

For all the information taken from cookies to pass on to advertisements that may be occasionally seen on our website, Google remains a third party seller. Using cookies, Google can send specific advertisements to visitors who access our site and others' too. How to follow up with clients while using cookie strategies is the domain of Google’s own privacy policies.

Third party advertisement systems use cookies to examine clients’ activity on a website. Though this is found in individual policies, yet we do not have any power over cookies that these advertisers use. A visitor using our website to confirm a booking with a tutor uses his credit card and his transaction go through our secure server. Once this is done, the data related to this transaction is deleted and not stored with us.

Our use of the most modern technology safeguards our website from sham activities, and so allows it to be a powerhouse of specific data. Despite our best efforts, if some cases of fake credit card dealings done by using illegal credit cards are detected, information regarding this will be passed on to the concerned authorities without delay.